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About Us

The main crew consists of two family members, both of whom have over 25 years of professional experience in the concrete and masonry field.
Other employees in the busin
ess are hand-picked by the owner himself and must have the experience and professionalism it takes to produce a quality product.

About the Owner
Our owner began doing concrete work as a laborer for a high-quality commercial concrete contractor. Since that time he has ran commercial crews on big projects for various companies, doing work in all phases of commercial and residential concrete work – from steps, driveways, sidewalks and wall footings to building new schools, courthouses and various other buildings – all the while gaining knowledge from the ground up. He has worked closely with numerous architects, engineers, inspectors and commercial general contractors in the Pittsburgh area. With his years of experience, the owner has learned how to produce a product that is not only good looking, but also structurally sound, and properly constructed. From prepping the subgrade to insuring the proper drainage, re-infusing the concrete to applying the proper curing and sealing techniques, the owner and his crew perform all the proper steps and never take shortcuts in order to provide their customers with high-quality, long-lasting concrete work.